Childhood friends Robin And Charles explore falling in love one "first" at a time.

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first started as a series which I wrote simply because I’ve always had an affinity for love stories and longed to see one told where the characters reminded me of me. I wanted to create something I wanted to see not only on TV, but also happen in my life. We all dream of love and if you’ve experienced it, it can be exciting, therapeutic and nerve-racking to watch others go on that same roller coaster. As the series developed, it became less about obtaining some type of fairy tale and more about self discovery and dealing with your past to move forward. Needless to say I had a few past relationships to pull from. 2 seasons, 7+ million views and thousands of comments later, I realized there were so many people like me from all over the world craving to see and experience the same thing. A need to see strong, layered, and honest depictions of black love. One that doesn’t center around scandalous drama or ratchetness. first the movie fills this void and allows audiences to share in the butterflies as Robin and Charles experience their firsts.

- Jahmela Biggs Yarbrough

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